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Mas Llop Summer Camp is an English Activity Camp designed for children from 6 to 12 years of age (born between 2010 and 2015) which takes place in during the month of July.
We offer outdoor educational activities where the main objective is to present educational, leisure, sports and adventure activities in English, within a rural setting. Our educational programme is based on total immersion into the English language presented by native teachers from Saint George’s School. The monitors and teachers communicate with the pupils in English at all times. The activities, educational programme, sports and adventure sports are carried out using English as the main language, which provides the children with a fulfilling language experience throughout their stay.



The activities are varied and all geared towards learning English as the principal language, based on specific objectives according to the needs of the group and each child’s knowledge of the language.
Activities are carried out in the morning, afternoon and evening, as well as during free time when students can use all the facilities offered at Mas Llop under supervision.

The principal activities carried out are:

Dates and Prices

STAY 2022 Price per child Price per 2nd family member Price per 3rd family member
From 26th of June to 9th of July 1490€ 1390€ 1340€
From 10th to 23rd of July 1490€ 1390€ 1340€

Prices include: board and lodging, classes, activities, adventure sports, laundry service, individual attention and a report at the end of the stay. 

Children should arrive at Summer Camp on Sunday any time between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. and should be collected on Saturday at 6 p.m.


Below is a sample of a general timetable showing some activities. The activities are adapted for each age group and the monitors work to a set programme adapted to each individual's or group's needs. Generally the itinerary is as follows:

8:30 h. Good Morning!
9:00 h. Breakfast
9:30 h. English language classes in small groups*
11:00 h. Free time and preparation for the following activity
11:30 h. English language classes in small groups*
13:00 h. Swimming or water-based activities
14:00 h. Lunch*
14:30 h. Rest: free time and corners
15:30 h. English Language Activities and Games in small groups*
17:30 h. Afternoon snack
18:00 h. Free time and games
19:00 h. Adventure Sports
20:00 h. Swimming and showers
21:00 h. Dinner
21:30 h. Evening activities: special evenings, discos etc.
22:30 h. Goodnight!

*These activities will be presented by native English teachers from Saint George's School and will follow a programme set for the age group which is adapted to their English level.


Our menus are prepared by a specialist and supervised by a dietician. They are prepared in our own kitchens which allows us to adapt to any specific dietary requirements. If a child is allergic to any food type the menu can be adapted with a month’s notice before the activities begin.


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Please contact us using the following form or call us on 972 48 02 07 or 638836007. (from 9:30h to 18:00h)
You may also reserve a day and time to visit Mas Llop. Call times (09:30h a 18:00h)

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